The Moto Academy

Unleash Your Riding Potential at The Moto Academy.

What is The Moto Academy?

Our Mission Statement

At The Moto Academy, our mission is to unite riders globally through our app, fostering a community that shares, learns, and thrives together. Connect with riders near and far, access top-notch courses featuring AJ Catanzaro, and receive personalized coaching feedback. We're dedicated to building a supportive space where every rider, regardless of skill level, can find inspiration and camaraderie on their moto journey.

Why Should I Join?

The Moto Academy Community is one of the strongest communities in Motocross. We bring a mix of all ages, regions and mindsets to collectively form a welcoming place for riders all over the world. We work together every day, in the app and in person on our tour stops, to become the best, and safest, riders we can be, all while having a great time doing it.

The Moto Academy isn't just about riding, it's about adopting a great mindset.. The Moto Academy Mindset.. to build everyone into not only the best riders but the best individuals that we can be. Mindset is everything, and that includes Motocross! 

We look forward to welcoming you into our community of likeminded individuals and can't wait to meet you!